7 Colour LED Face Mask Kit

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  • 1 x LED Face Mask
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x User manual
  • FREE  Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Serum 30ml
  • Travel Size Multi Masking Kit and Exfoliator:
  • AHA Peel Off Mask- Brightening
  • Nourishing Mask - Hydrating
  • Rescue Clay Mask - Dry and Calm breakouts and skin reaction
  • Exfoliator

Boost your at-home beauty routine with this wireless 7 setting colour, LED face mask, easily charged with USB port.

LED Lights help to optimize your favourite Serums, Moisturisers. By stimulating blood flow in the treatment area, the mask helps to rejuvenate dull/tired skin exposed to environmental factors. 

At-home wearable hands-free technology.
Treatment that does not obstruct your view or require you to sit in place, plugged-in, for a length of time.
How does light therapy work?

LED Light Therapy uses colour wavelengths of visible light which have specific skin benefits. As a result of ageing, skin disorders or trauma, healthy skin cells are compromised and unable to renew themselves normally.

The skin uses the light as a source of energy to fuel the repair and rejuvenation of damaged cells, or, in the case of treating acne, kill bacteria. The energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, boosts circulation and accelerates tissue repair. 
The LED mask offers 3 light settings.

The Red light – (630 nm) Facilitates blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, generates collagen and decreases wrinkles over time.
•Increases natural hydration levels
•Reduces redness and inflammation
•Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores •Improves circulation
•Accelerates skin repair and healing
•Reduces psoriasis lesions
•Improves skin complexion 
•Stimulates collagen and diminishes  wrinkles
•Helps diminish scars
The Blue light – (470nm)
Aids in the removal of Acne causing bacteria.
This is a powerful antibacterial properties for the treatment of acne without irritation, reduces oil production, prevents future breakout and offers a UV-free alternative for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.
The Yellow light (590nm) 

Increases immunity                                                                                                            YELLOW LIGHT-                                                                                                            Increases skin cell rejuvenation and has soothing anti-inflammatory benefits. It also boosts lymphatic flow, which removes toxins and waste from the skin, and promotes anti-aging, increase blood flow and make your skin look more radiant.

The Purple light

 Heals acne scars                                                                                                                   PURPLE LIGHT                                                                                                        Combination of red and blue lights. It eliminates acne-causing bacteria while reducing facial inflammation and reducing the appearance of acne-related scars. It is therefore highly recommended for people with acne and redness.

The Cyan light 

Promote Metabolism                                                                                                            CYAN LIGHT                                                                                                                  A combination of blue and green lights. It removes acne and pigment stains simultaneously.

The Green light ( 520 nm)

Reduce melasma and other skin discoloration problems.                                                    GREEN LIGHT                                                                                                                  Green light penetrates the skin’s sublayers by targeting melanocytes to reduce melanin stimulation which causes dark spots on the skin. With less melanin reaching the skin surface, hyperpigmentation or discolorations gradually disappear.

The White light                                                                                                       Tightens Sagging Skin                                                                                                   WHITE LIGHT                                                                                                               White light rays also penetrate the skin deeply, speeding up the metabolism of active tissue.  It can assist in tightening sagging skin, decompose color spots, improve the appearance of fine lines and ageing skin.   


How to use it:
- Cleanse and Exfoliate your skin.
- Remove your LED mask from the box, ensure that it has been charged, Press and hold the button on the side of the device to turn on the Shield.
- Short press the buttons until you have your desired light setting.
- Place the shield on our face for 10 to 20 minutes.
- To switch off the device, press and hold the button until the shield Powers off.
LED light therapy can be used 15mins x 2 times week
Maintenance and Storage
- Clean the mask with a dry cloth after use. Do not wash with water directly.
- Always unplug the device after use and do not disassemble the product.
- Store the product in a cool dry place, avoiding humidity and direct sun light.
- Do not submerge the product in water or liquid.
- Keep out of reach of children