Our Story


Thank you for visiting NB Skin Science website and supporting a local dream.

My name is Kamani and I am the Founder of NBSS and this is my story.

As a teen and young adult, I endured problematic skin. It left my skin badly scarred and broke my confidence.

This steered me towards entering the beauty industry.

My background as an Aesthetician for over 20 years has aided the growth of the brand. With the influence of Medical skin experts, Cosmetic Scientists, my training Locally and International and most importantly the inspiration from my clients, needs and concerns has contributed to the NB Skin Science Journey.

NB Skin Science has attained accreditation and membership with The South African Association of Health and Skin Care Professional's, Proudly South Africa and The Cosmetic Export Council of South Africa.


The name NB Skin Science reflects our brand’s mission: to place importance on using a scientific approach to reveal naturally beautiful skin.

Finally, you can access an affordable, high functioning skin care regimen that can be part of your daily routine, regardless of when you decide to start. "I have always known that my calling in life was to help people face each day feeling more confidence about their own skin. My purpose is to ensure that you come to know the full joy of leaving home looking like you.”, says our Founder Kamani.