Hydra Gold Derma Stamp

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The Hydra Stamp helps to stimulate collagen production, refines open pores, reduces pitting, reduces dull skin and hyperpigmentation, and increases the absorption of skincare products. 

Manual stamping with a reusable glass bottle to fill with serums.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be done as a self-therapy
  • Rapid treatment and effect
  • Very high effective serum delivery
  • Pain-free 
  • Nanotechnology

How does it work:

Every time you stamp the cartridge against the skin, the serum is inserted through the nanoneedles. There is less product loss and a higher percentage of the serum absorbs into the skin.

Please Note :
For hygiene reasons, exchanges and returns will not be facilitated on these items unless returned, unopened in their original packaging. 

What is in the kit:

  1. Gold Derma Stamp
  2. Hyaluronic/ Microneedling Serum 30ml
  3. Microneedling Mask 10ml


How to use it on the face:

  1. Disinfect the stamp before and after each use. Soak the top applicator vial for about 5 - 8 mins with  75% alcohol. Wash the applicator vial with alcohol. 
  2. Cleanse your skin thoroughly and follow with exfoliation, rinse off. Pat dry skin.
  3. Pump Hyaluronic/ Microneedling Serum into the vial. Carefully screw the top back into the vial. Gently shake the vial 2- 3 times.
  4. Remove the safety and hygiene cover.
  5. Test the stamp over a clean surface area, such as your hands, by pressing the stamp and initiating the serum absorption.
  6. Start stamping on the facial area.
  7. Press the derma stamp gently over the skin surface and stamp from the inner of the face to the outer, in a line, repeat 3 times. Do not glide or drag. The motion of stamping must be maintained throughout. 
  8. Avoid stamping with too much pressure. Avoid stamping over breakouts and open cuts. You can apply the Microneedling Mask over breakouts and needle around that area.
  9. Apply Microneedling Mask on sensitive skin, rinse off after 5-10mins, or for extra hydration, Mask can be skipped.

    Post Care:

    Use Microneedling Serum as a day and night treatment for the next three days.
    In the morning, use Microneedling serum, wait 5 minutes then apply sunscreen.

    Avoid direct sunlight for the next three days( needle at night)
    Avoid Makeup and active ingredients such as Vitamin C, AHAs, and do not exfoliate three days following stamping. If the skin is sensitive use Microneedling Mask daily to cool skin.


    Can be used once a week or every 2nd week

    This treatment is home treatment and does not replace in-salon treatment skin needling. 

  • Stamp touches the gold lever, while stamping it will insert the serums into the skin, use light pressure each time you stamp.
  • Lightly shaking the bottle can increase the amount the serum exudes.
  • Caution: Do not share your stamp with anyone. Just like you shouldn’t share your makeup brushes or your toothbrush, your facial cleansing device should also be considered a personal item. You and your friend can spread bacteria between the two of you if you use the same brush.

Precautions and Contraindications:

  • Sterilize the Hydra Stamps with medical alcohol before and after use
  • Store the Hydra Stamps carefully. Keep out of reach from children
  • Storage temperature, not more than 75 degrees
  • Be careful with the glass bottle
  • Do not use if there are any skin allergies
  • Dermatosis patients are forbidden to use
  • Personal use only, do not share with others


  • Varicose veins
  • Diabetics
  • Sunburn
  • Open cuts and abrasions
  • Blood Clots
  • Active Acne
  • Thrombosis
  • Rosacea / Weeping eczema
  • Botox for the 1st five days after injections
  • Note: Avoid massage if your or your client has taken aspirin in the last few hours as it thins the blood and cup kiss will present darker than usual.

Guideline: Please listen to your skin needs, stress, diet, hormones, weather all impact on skin condition so when using a home device do not overuse, reduce if skin becomes sensitive.

Contact info@nbskinscience.com for more information.


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