Hyaluronic Serum 30ml

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Hyaluronic infused serum, ideal during and after Microneedling treatment. Continues to Brighten, Plump and Hydrated skin.  Can be used as a primer.

What is in it:

Hyaluronic Acid, this antioxidant holds moisture 1000 times more than its own weight, thereby plumping and brightening skin.

How to use it:

  1. After Cleansing and Toning with suitable NB Skin Science products
  2. Apply Hyaluronic Serum, can use over the eye area. Suitable to use in the mornings and evenings apply a small amount to face and neck, eye area, after cleansing. Wait 5 minutes then apply suitable NB Skin Science Cream, followed by NB Skin Science SPF 30 sunscreen in the morning.

Suitable for the morning if you are photosensitive to Vitamin C use in the morning.

During Microneedling Session:

  1. Cleanse skin with suitable NB Skin Science cleanser.
  2. Exfoliate and rinse with lukewarm water. Pat dry skin.
  3. Proceed with Microneedling treatment using NB Skin Science Hyaluronic Serum.
  4. Apply Microneedling Mask to full face and neck straight after needling. Avoid the eye area.
  5. Rinse mask and apply Hyaluronic serum.

As Post Microneedling Treatment home care:

The Hyaluronic serum can be used as home care on the same day of needling.

Can use of Microneedling mask is recommended if the skin is sensitive.

(See Microneedling Mask)



*please note , that due to a lot of stock, batch codes expire end November  2021, this is the reason for the promotion on the Hyaluronic Serum. Due to airless packaging, shelf life is increased and can still be used 1 -2  months thereafter*